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Have you ever wondered why you are so curious about your zodiac sign? Or what your brand archetype is? Ever taken a personality test so you can figure out which career path to take, or what attributes you’re most attracted to in a partner?

We are always looking to FRAME ourselves, so we can understand ourselves better.

This is how archetypal language works. Each zodiac, human design test, even personality test has archetypes that describe to you what kind of person you are, and can hopefully help you figure out your unique way to move forward in life.

did you know that your soul, spirit, body & mind have archetypes that run the show?

Archetypes are the raw ingredients of the 4 major codes (Soul, Spirit, Body, Mind) that you must learn to host, play and create with in this lifetime.

Every single thought, action and frequency that you host or animate can be led back to one of these channels, and more specifically, one of these archetypes.

there are 4 overarching archetype levels in total.
each set of archetypes hosts one kind of power:


Distorted Power


Framed Power


Unhooked Power



today we will meet the first two levels of the archetypes: shadow & power



Shadow Archetype

The Soul Killer

Consumed by what others think of her.

Will limit her self-expression to avoid rejection or disapproval from the tribe.

Will sacrifice her values in order to be loved and accepted.



Shadow Archetype

The Spirit Killer

Wants to be taken care of because she doesn’t believe she’s capable of doing so herself.

Always looking to be taken seriously by authority.

Easily abandons her identity.



Shadow Archetype

The Body Killer

Afraid of crisis.

Considers herself an empath, constantly allows others’ emotions in.

Allows people to take more from her than they should.



Shadow Archetype

The Mind Killer

Numbers, and other physical evidence is all that matters for her to make a decision.

She takes pride in being a brilliant, A+ student.

Constantly needs to brag about how much she knows.



Power Archetype

The Power Soul

Will always take a stand for what he wants/believes/expresses.

He never goes with majority but will always weigh other’s opinions in accordance with his own values first.

Is always in high-demand and understands how to value his time, integrity, price, and choices over what others think.



Power Archetype

The Power Spirit

Takes full responsibility for making the kingdom’s dream come true.

Has a crystal clear vision for his kingdom.

Is quick and decisive and will always make decisions that align with the kingdom’s vision.



Power Archetype

The Power Body

Takes a stand for what he is fighting for.

Will easily rally support for his goal.

Will never risk his team.

Always keeps his word to others.

Always has the backs of those that he is loyal to.



Power Archetype

The Power Mind

Knows what he knows with complete certainty.

Can collapse time.

Is the master of timing.

Has strong awareness of intuition and uses it as his guide instead of logic.

shadow is the major reason you aren't creating and living the life that you want.

It’s the reason all these New Age and Law of Attraction teachings baffle you in how absolutely inconsistent they are.

You could’ve sworn you did everything right, but your result didn’t manifest.

Why? Because it didn’t account for shadow.

your manifesting power has been in limited supply thanks to the shadow archetypes.​

the archetype dimension


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