The New Way of Selling and Negotiating


This has changed the game of selling completely. This is how I have done millions in business.

The new ways of selling and negotiating is emerging.

As I’ve said before that the new grid is being built, so are the energetic laws in sales.

It doesn’t matter what you are selling, you will be met with objections in a sales conversation.

The known way to handle objections is to give a shit ton of value. In fact, the more value you give, the more you can “convince” the buyer to give in and purchase.

By giving value in this case, I mean giving them coaching in a sales conversation until the buyer is motivated or inspired enough to buy. It’s almost a bitter-sweet war between the two. That method has lost it’s power. The lights are flickering, about to blow out completely.

The new way has become known to us.

And it’s one I use in every sales situation when handling objections.

I ask specific questions depending on their objections, which essentially gets them to coach themselves and that brings the power back to them.

I recognize where the energy is blocked in them moving forward and I ask them questions that neutralizes their state and energetic pattern.

Which then gets them to decide powerfully, on the spot.

If they walk away, I let them. Zero charge. And the ones that matter, come back.

This is also how you will lock in your ideal clients in the process.

I have gotten feedback time and time again from clients that they feel extremely clean, to-the-point vibes, when speaking to me on a sales call or even messenger because I don’t try to sell them. They sell themselves.

This has changed the game of selling completely.

This is how I have done millions in business.

This is the most fun I have had in sales because it’s not a power struggle.

It’s sustainable and it certainly is magical.

Naveed A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty