The Glamour of Being A Psychic


Becoming an energy master and unleashing your psychic requires dropping what you see, for the truth.

The Glamour of Being A Psychic (and why this magical idea of what it’s like to be an energy worker is tripping you up).

Stepping into your psychic sounds really glamorous.

It seems cool and magical and more interesting than anything else on this planet.

But ACTUALLY reaching the point of unleashing next-level psychic abilities is anything but glamorous. It will, for the most part, go very much against your zone of comfort and will involve the very discipline you’re hoping to avoid.

Becoming an energy master and unleashing your psychic requires dropping what you see, for the truth.

It is the slightest difference between two words that mean the same thing. Two feelings that feel very similar but are off by just one frequency. The same sentence spoken in two slightly different tones.

Mastery is never about what you see, what makes sense to you, or what you have experienced.

It is always about pure truth.

This is how you will go beyond sharing just your personal experiences, to being able to coach anyone in any situation at anytime without any prior knowledge about their situation.

I do not skim the surface.

We do not turn a very specific issue into a general one.

We do not try to bring forth an answer from our personal experience.

And we never, ever validate or justify shadow.

We are energetic surgeons.

This requires extreme precision and patience. A sharp eye for the slightest difference that can make or break someone’s psyche.

And if you are here for truth, you must first accept this truth about mastery: The truth is not hard to find. But it is easily missed.

It is why you urge to swap out the extremely precise action that will alchemize your lie into truth, for one less uncomfortable.

Why you are tempted to return to previous comforting ways of being when your power is trapped elsewhere.

Because the lie is tempting.

Settling is tempting.

The truth is not.

But it is the only way to manifest on demand without the visualizing, and journaling, and gratitude, and repetitions.

And no matter how similar of an action you choose to the specific dose a successful process of energy tracking and alchemy has provided for you (just so it can feel slightly less excruciating), what is a slight difference in your eyes, is black and white in the eyes of someone who can pick up on energy codes.

It is either truth, or it isn’t.

You either choose to create magic, or you don’t.

The choice is yours.

Energy work is intricate. It is hard to explain in earth words. And it’s not this glamorous experience UNTIL the basics are mastered (then it gets fun and magical AF).

Becoming a high-frequency, pure psychic lies in the application of energy work.

Track energy. Read it. Unravel it. Stay out of your head. Stay in your body. Trust what comes truthful and strong. Get familiar with how energy works for YOU. (THIS is how personal tools of magic are created after all. Once you learn to read pure energy.)

And you will realize how powerful you are.

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty