How to Activate Your Money Codes


Money literally switches from following the general rule of manifestation, to being seduced by your potency.

The Inflow of Money …. and what you’re willing to shed, own and implement to receive.

I have pushed the limits of what a multimillion dollar business gets to look like over and over.

I didn’t have a traditional “build the one course and run it over and over” journey.
I’ve built things. Burned them down. Built them again. Burned them down again. And given myself energetic boot camps to upgrade massively regardless of the volatility – and what it looked like to people as I was doing it.

Money has never left my side. And it never will.

And I know deep within my core that I am completely capable of having money roll in regardless of how I choose to play MY game and build MY empire because my BELIEF in it is unshakeable.

But it’s not unshakeable because I repeat affirmations. Or do meditations. Or journal. I have always known these things were bandaids – I just didn’t know where to turn to ask questions about it.

Because I truly truly believe that I don’t have to INSTALL my belief that I am deserving of money and totally get to receive it magically – I can just ACTIVATE it.

And it is the only way money will STAY by my side because it’s coded IN me instead of it responding to some outside law.

I decided to build a spiritual dynasty my way. A tiny, but potent AF team that can take it to multimillions without the frills and bells and whistles.

Just pure potency. Pure magic.

Where results speak for themselves. My integrity speaks for itself. Where My silence is regal. Where my marketing is simply… true. And nothing more. Just true. And so natural that I don’t have to be anyone but ME whether you’re reading my marketing post, speaking to me about a high level offer, or working in my team.

That goes beyond as well – relationships, health, everything.

The TRUE oneness is HERE.

This is really what it means.

Money literally switches from following the general rule of manifestation, to being seduced by your potency.

And you never question it’s loyalty to you again.

Wild Alchemist Portal is our space to upgrade you to this level with money.

Will you come play?

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty