Overflow is Not Comfortable


Overflow isn’t comfortable. It’s an alien experience to your current psyche.


The you that created amazing results last week, is very different from the you that will take it to the next level this week.

If your energy doesn’t feel predictable, it’s because it’s not supposed to. It’s chaos. And it creates insane wealth.

Most people, when they think of upleveling, they don’t actually realize how FAST it can happen when you’re doing things in total alignment. It can happen in hours.

And because we don’t realize this, we have a habit of assuming we are the “”same person”” we were a short while ago, and the human in us, in an attempt to keep things familiar, repeats the “”newly old”” pattern over and over again, until energy becomes massively stale.

New opportunities that arrive MINUTES after a previous one, is not seen as another opportunity to uplevel because the human needs to “”catch his/her breath.””

But when you are a totally clear channel, you will say the words, and they will appear. I promise you this.

You will change every second down to your DNA, and overflow becomes a real thing.

This isn’t something you have to try to pursue. It is something that will naturally occur as you become more magnetic.

But this… is how you keep the magnetism GOING and don’t kill it along the way because it’s “”too much too fast””. And this, is why you crave the you that got results not too long ago. And want to hold on to that. And are scared it won’t happen again.

Because you’re not aware of how QUICKLY things can move. And how extremely clear of a channel you need to be to move with it.

Overflow isn’t comfortable. It’s an alien experience to your current psyche.

And it’s something to embrace. Not run from. 🤍

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty