Be Loyal Only to Your Magic


This is the pure sacrifice to make in order to bring your magic to the grid in an undiluted way.


It is almost unbelievable how many reasons we give ourselves as spiritual entrepreneurs to NOT succeed.

To NOT drop that new offer.

To NOT get moving on creating amazing content for yourself and your audience.

To NOT let the world know loud and clear what you’re here to do.

And at the top of the list we have: Comparison & Credibility.

But they have that magazine feature.
But they have those reputable “Featured In” logos.
But they have so many testimonials.
But they got a nice photographer.
But I don’t look great in photos.
But they have a photo with this celebrity.
But they can put “multi-millionaire” on their Instagram bio.
But they have a massive audience and a best-selling book and a huge team.

It’s no wonder that coaches, mystics and spiritual healers (and most other entrepreneurs) have so much magic within them that never makes it OUT onto the grid.

Instead of leveraging the above opportunities as tools to further your very own, SOLID-as-fuck magic as they come along… these very opportunities have now become the DICTATOR of whether or not you deserve to play in the big leagues.

Not to mention, most will attempt to get themselves plastered across all these platforms in hopes that it will give them what only THEY can give themselves: Power and Presence.

These platforms are powerful if you are.

They add to your space and energy when you’ve built a foundation of integrity within you. When you have your own back. When you are loyal to your magic whether it gets featured or not. Whether it creates a massive audience instantly or not.

I used to be so desperate to get myself onto any credibility train so I could finally feel worthy and validated.

Until I knocked some sense into myself. And decided to play a new game.

I went toe to toe with my shadow self. The part of me that heavily believed I could only succeed if I had some sort of physical evidence of credibility.

Energy vs. Matter. Guess where I placed my bets.

I had a 100 Facebook friends. If you looked at my social media you would think I was earning no money. If you looked at my website, it was nothing special. I was featured on a total of zero platforms. I had no testimonials.

And I was smashing $150k cash months.

So when I DID attract the opportunity to create some 3D credibility… I chose very very carefully.
I had to make sure it did not in anyway override my knowing within myself that I am immovable with or without this recognition.

Today, I’m part of the Forbes Business Council. I have created millions of dollars in business, and yet I have wiped the term “multi-millionaire” off my social media bios. I may choose to add it back. I may not.

But one thing is for sure. I am here to push the envelope of how DESERVING I am of a massively successful Wealth Dynasty without these strings attached.

The promise of getting published does not tempt me. The promise of a bigger audience does not tempt me.

I am only here to stay still, true, and magical AF because I am.

Divine timing for 3D support, recognition and expansion will find me when it does.
I don’t go searching for it. I don’t wait for it to come to me.
I simply notice when we cross paths.

This is the pure sacrifice to make in order to bring your magic to the grid in an undiluted way.

Where you never wonder why your content being so potent, so next level, isn’t “reaping the same rewards.”

You can never become irrelevant. Because you never cared about being relevant in the first place.

Your magic will run deep within the veins of your empire.

Build it silently. Be loyal only to your magic.

And when you do finally decide on divine timing to get published, and grow an audience, and embrace credibility in this 3D realm… it will be so pure and natural.

You will never have reshaped yourself to fit credibility.

Credibility will have changed to fit you. 🤍

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty