The Lack of Clients Mindset


Your business will show you exactly what you deserve. That part is ALWAYS up to you.

There used to be a time where I would block myself off from clients, because I actually felt like I wouldn’t be able to handle supporting them as promised.

Maybe halfway through I would lose interest.

Maybe they would just fall away anyway so what’s the point. They aren’t really going to participate much anyway.

It’s going to take up so much of my time. But when do I get to watch Suits, and Jane the Virgin?

But I want my mornings and afternoons and evenings to include x,y,z.

Blah blah blah.

The reason for all of the above bullshit excuses? I didn’t actually care about my business. I didn’t actually value it. And so… it mirrored it right back to me.

My willingness to do what it took (or lack thereof) was re-enacted in my daily life over and over.

And I just decided that the business wasn’t working.

And that I was stuck yet again.

And no one wanted to buy from me.

And I actually had the audacity to think UNTIL they buy I won’t put in any effort. 

And then I finally woke up and took a good look in the mirror.

And I decided that I was going to share what I know, and I was going to do it fucking amazingly.

I was going to craft next level online experiences. That I was going to blow my own mind with what I was going to create.

I have supported hundreds of members through each single program launch, creating over six figures in cash each launch effortlessly.

Your business will show you exactly what you deserve.

That part is ALWAYS up to you.

Money has followed purity without effort for me.

I never had to do anything that wasn’t up to my standard to receive it.

This is a more powerful relationship to money than even what just law of attraction can provide.

The Law of Attraction gives you the loophole to play the small game and live below your standards (cue everyone manifesting tiny money and can’t seem to get passed it).

There’s a better way. A more potent way.

Which were discussing inside the Wild Alchemist Portal membership this coming February month.

See you there.

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty