Where to Find More Leads?


When you can turn on the tap of leads, you can literally PREDICT your income.


The #1 question I hear from all spiritual entrepreneurs who want to build an empire: “Where do I get my leads from?”

The reason a poor lead flow is a problem: You’re constantly pulled away from what you ARE a genius at (which is the service you deliver), and are always focused on gathering leads.

And once you do gather them (free events, live videos, etc.) you have no idea how to get more going without putting in the same amount of massive effort as you did before.

Your money results? They become choppy. Inconsistent. Unpredictable.

Lead generation is not rocket science.

When I’m just completely taken over by what I AM a genius at, the leads situation sorts itself out. Because my performance of my genius is not conditional.

When you can turn on the tap of leads, you can literally PREDICT your income.

You’ve caged yourself in so much with tried and true concepts of what it takes to generate leads.

Freebie the thing.
Email / post the thing.
Track the thing.
Campaign the thing.
Funnel the thing.
Track the thing again.

Seriously, I am probably the worst at tracking my leads.

What is there to track….. when leads are unlimited? 😁

You have no idea how many times people tell me: “I’m great at sales, if only I had the leads.”

I’ve danced to that tune before. It’s a nice cop out.

Leads are a PART of sales. You can’t sell, if there’s no one to sell to. If there’s no one to sell to… you don’t know how great you CAN be.

Successful Sales are 100% energy and 100% strategy.

Because when 100% of your strategy comes from 100% of the right energy…. there is no end to leads, cash, and clients.

Time to change that here 👉🏻 www.wilddynasty.com/sales-prophecy

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty