Become Iconic


Be the one they don’t forget.

Stop swaying with every social media post you see.

Stop questioning yourself at every turn.

Stop changing what you created because someone else is doing something else.

Energetic brands like that are easily forgotten. They hold no power.

Be the one they don’t forget.

The one who is expressing every piece of themselves into their brand and crafting something for themselves.

While the world watches in awe.

To be iconic:
– You play the game for you.

– You understand that only you are in charge of your creation and therefore no one has the power to destroy anything.

– You know that people pay those who energetically stand out, and you dive into the deep end of your brand from the get go, owning every piece of it.

– You never worry about the future and never play the small game, wondering if you might have to change your brand or your message. Only the big game appeals to you.

– Everything you create comes from an internal magic, not outside motivation.

Be Iconic.

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty