Closing Sales is Not About Strategy


You don’t need a thing except for your presence, your fire, and of course, an offer

The Royal Closer.

How closing a $100 sale is no different than closing 6 figure sales – It’s not about the strategy.

Sales had always come naturally to me; it doesn’t matter what it is. I’ve sold systems being an affiliate, sold programs for big-time leaders in the coaching industry, and eventually my own. The game is exactly the same.

Just because I was naturally selling doesn’t mean I was any good at it 😉

I sucked at sales presentations. I stumbled on words, forgot important details while selling, and I certainly didn’t know how to lead conversations.

Guess what…I still sold them.

One of my first clients was earning eight figures in his business. And then I sold to lawyers, doctors, CEOs – with zero sales background or training.

So why did they buy from me if I was such an amateur? It was because of my presence. What I stood for—my enthusiasm in how I was sharing what I knew to be true.

I didn’t care if they thought I was an amateur; in fact, I used to tell them I was new to the game, but I know how to get them to triple their earnings. I didn’t know what I know today, not even close. And I didn’t have to because it wasn’t about knowing it all. It was about standing true to what I knew then and being loyal to it. That’s what I mean by natural.

Anyone can learn skills in how to deliver and present information. But to be real and authentic, you’ve got to give up everything YOU think you NEED in order to make a sale, including being right.

I have seen so many people I’ve worked with who just don’t move and make sales because they think they need to have their sales page set up.

They think they need to have a payment gateway set up.

They think they need to have all the details ready about their program before reaching out to anyone.

Or there needs to be some perfect condition or the other before telling people about your offer.

You don’t need a thing except for your presence, your fire, and of course, an offer. 

I can close a $100K sales in less than 15 mins: Because my energy is unshakable. Because I don’t accept objections (I simply don’t buy them). Because I don’t give a shit if they walk away.

This is why I have no shame in charging my prices upfront.

It’s also why my prices go up within days as I am called to raise them. It’s the royal presence.

And when you take it on, people can smell it from a mile away. It can be intimidating to many, but it is also magnetic AF.

There is an upgraded level to sales that will completely change the game.

What would your business look like if you could go beyond the construct of sales that you are aware of and begin working with the codes of your brand of magic to predict your sales? To hear a name and land it into a closed deal with a big fat yes?

It’s the beginning of predicting your sales into existence.

Yes. A Prophecy.

This goes beyond intuitive selling. It’s not just a mere feeling. It’s a fucking prophecy.

We will be running a brand new Masterclass on THIS on the 11th of March – The Sales Prophecy.

This is going to turn your world upside down of what is even possible.

This is going to be the sales experience beyond what your imagination can comprehend. Here’s the link with the details: www.wilddynasty.com/sales-prophecy

Naveed A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty