Power Upgrades & True Individuation


You're ready for YOUR genius now. YOUR unique data, magic, and way of doing things.

A constant question I’m asked by my higher-level clients is “did you recently have a power upgrade?”

This was also framed recently as: “you seem scarier.” 😂

These upgrades happen to me often. Probably every three days. It’s a massive build up of tension (which I DON’T offload into the usual mindset rituals that the world does) and this very quickly spins into a rapid power upgrade that literally brings me the unimaginable – like March being a $120k cash month when I’m basically only working on a FREE event right now (you have no idea how much my human wanted to focus on sales. More on this in the Coach’s Gala challenge: www.wilddynasty.com/the-coachs-gala).

But the reason I’m telling you about this, is because of how quickly I am constantly upgrading myself and my loyalty to my genius.

This has kept clients around FOR YEARS.

Two clients are about to hit their 1 – year mark of working 1:1 with me. (Both made multi-six figures in their coaching business last year and are easily on their way to million-dollar-years.)

There is no END to consciousness, especially with the new codes that are now available to us, and those who dare to shapeshift will find themselves armed with tools, upgrades, data and magic that they won’t fully be able to bring to light during their entire lifetime.

It’s why you’re here.

You’ve heard all there is to hear about the Law of Attraction. About Vibration. About the laws of the universe.

That’s not the end of the journey.

You’re ready for YOUR genius now.

YOUR unique data, magic, and way of doing things.

True individuation.

Which will build a relationship with your clients like no other over a very long period of time because you will have mastered the art of shapeshifting.

Are you ready for the ride?

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty