Undefinable in Love


It’s all in the dance. The dance of the masculine and feminine in different aspects of life.

Undefinable in love 🤍

When people ask me about our relationship, I rarely have much to say.

It’s just …. natural.

But there’s a lot of intricate energetic reasons WHY it’s so natural.

How the balance of partners in business and love is played out perfectly.

Why we are constantly told we are cut from the same cloth (so much so that when energy workers tap into our fields they sometimes can’t tell the difference between the fields).

It’s all in the dance.

The dance of the masculine and feminine in different aspects of life.

The seamless shape shifting to preserve our purest instincts in every situation without adopting management techniques that are based on collective blueprints.

It requires the release of ego on both ends, and complete commitment to each other through the lens of MAGIC not just mastery.

The ability to create blueprints for our individuated relationship without caring how it’s done in the world.

Not to mention understanding how the masculine and feminine each work with shadow —> light —> dark / genius consciousness.

The masculine can move quickly from shadow to genius without making it matter.

Shadow matters greatly to the feminine and this shift isn’t possible without the alchemy of shadow. (Not to say the masculine shouldn’t clear shadow – but the process is very different).

The feminine is all about the Why. She can trace WHY a shadow thought has occurred.

Why it occurred is what matters.

The masculine is about the What. WHAT has occurred is what matters. (Thus asking the masculine WHY is the best way to have them give you funny looks.)

The feminine’s shadow does not matter to the masculine. And the best gift we can provide to the masculine is just that.

The feminine’s ability to hold the frame for the masculine to shapeshift in their pure instinctive way and reach for their genius in their own way will allow for an unimaginable dynamic.

It unlocks the irratio in your relationship.

Where the feminine doesn’t need to ask. The masculine doesn’t need to be asked.

Where both receive what they taste for from each other in perfect divine timing without the need to journey down the long winding path of current constructs.

Your relationship becomes undefinable. 🤍

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty