Faith Frequency is a Thing


If your faith isn’t instigating creation…it’s built on faulty codes.

Faith. The piece that defines the entire set of teachings around the Law of Attraction.

Having faith meant you would instigate the law to provide you with what you wanted, because you were operating at a vibration that matched the result of receiving what you desired instead of pushing it away with disbelief.


But here’s something about the act of faith that will change everything for you.

Faith has a QUALITY.
Faith has a VALUE.

Which means FAITH vibrates at a different frequency for different people.

I bet you’ve truly, with all your might, had faith something was going to occur for you.

You could bet money on it.

Hell, you probably did.

You believed you could have it.

And it still didn’t happen. Why?

Because your faith had no value.

What does your faith REALLY mean? You can have faith and lack integrity. You can have faith and never keep your own word. You can have faith and it can be based on you being so powerless that you need to be saved.

If your faith isn’t instigating creation…it’s built on faulty codes.

And because you didn’t have any other explanation for this manifestation failure, you decided you didn’t believe it.


You believed it alright. You just chose low-quality faith that held codes of shadow and killed your magnetism.

The key to having faith work in your favor: Clear its code of shadow. Place yourself in the space of integrity. Leave the goal alone and venture out to upgrade other areas of your life.

Your faith frequency will rise on its own. And anything you have faith in will begin to manifest.

Your faith will be worth money in no time.

So what’s your next move to increase your faith frequency?

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty