How to Become Unshakeable


Stand strong. Stand still. Even if you have to stand alone.

Only you can know if you’re running from truth. Cowering in the corner. Afraid to show up too big in case someone tries to tear you down.

Yet you’ve dreamed of playing the big game your entire life.

You’ve tried to play it within the lines, trying really hard to not step on any toes, so you don’t have to pull up the warrior in you to have your back when someone tries to step on yours.

You feel shakeable, unsure of what you stand for – but you’re sure as hell if someone tries to take you down you’ll probably crumble.

A negative comment takes up your entire day. You have to build yourself back up again and you wonder, each time, if you will have the energy and courage to do it again.

And then it hits you: what’s the big game without the big players? Without the spotlight? Without every single thing you’ve been afraid of?

You’re in awe at those playing the big game because you’re in awe of how they can fall and get back up. Sure, you desire their results. But what you really want is their ability to stand in their power no matter what.

So this time, when you choose to play the big game, remember: stand strong. Stand still. Even if you have to stand alone.

Because you decide your creation. Nobody else.

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty