Inviting Big Wealth


Volatility with money is part of its charm. It’s part of its movement. It’s part of its magic.


Big money in little time is uncomfortable.

And if you hope that comfortable feel-good intuition can bring you there, you’re in for a surprise.

We can follow steps that comfort us. That hold space for us. That lock into a philosophy we have based on a lesson we recently learned and decided never to abandon.

But you will hit a wall. And you will wonder why.
Because you’re sticking to and being loyal to who you have chosen to be after that lesson.

But you’re forgetting: you don’t stay the same for long.
You change and transform, a lot.

Sometimes in bigger and quicker ways than you expect.

And yet…. your choice of timing for catching up with that transformation has been pushed far out, allowing for a progressive growth of wealth compared to a magical flood.

Volatility with money is part of its charm. It’s part of its movement. It’s part of its magic.

And the ability to host this volatility will prepare you to shift at speeds that you never could.

Shed beliefs you thought you had to lock into, at 10x speed.

Shift who you serve at 10x speed.

Make THIS comforting.

And you will create such massive upgrades for yourself and your clients with extreme potency.

This is where you will monetize your genius at a massive massive scale.
But you have to turn intuition on its head.
Upgrade the compass. (Yes, this is a thing).
And tune into an alien space you’ve never explored.

It will smack you with evidence of contradictions that you never paid attention to. And it will be a chance for a very deep cleanup. Beyond what most are willing to do.

You will go pure at warp speed.

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Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty