When You Stop Lying


The truth is not a grey area. You either won, or you didn’t.

There’s success… and then there are those who so badly don’t want to change, that they convince themselves they don’t need to… and continue to show the world how well they’re doing (on the outside)… while on the inside: it’s empty.

This person feels shame.

This person is so scared of being “found out”, that they try to cover up that feeling by doing so-called big things on the outside to distract people from the failure they actually believe they are.

Fear of what people think is running this person’s life.

Getting clients that barely pay them on time, and that too, at a way lower price than they actually desire, and telling themselves it’s okay, because at least on the outside, the number of clients are growing.

Giving away their genius for free, on messenger and long free coaching sessions, because hopefully, for a moment, this client will approve of them and make them feel worthy.

This person takes photos on vacations but it’s not really a vacation because deep down they are always worried, always frustrated.

This person kind of has opportunities coming their way but not really. I mean hey, the bank account is still pretty empty, regardless of that podcast interview they did.

And that they have some sort of a business that kind of pays their bills but not really. They kind of have luxury but not really.

And they try to tell you that they know what they’re doing, and don’t need to invest in themselves.

I was this person a long time ago. Until I stopped lying. The truth is not a grey area. You either won, or you didn’t.

The best part about admitting that you’re not living your most exhilarating life? You can finally attract the coach who holds codes for your success. The one who’s been waiting on the sidelines for you to activate the desire for change within you.

The one ready to show you how to TRULY live life at a successful level, and not one that’s for show.

Boy, am I glad that I am now THIS person. 💫🔥💰

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty