Working With Genius


Magic never happens the same way twice.

The most beautiful thing about working with genius inside the Coach’s Gala event is that my current real life performance, channelings and results are all influencing the content coming through for this space.

I don’t rush to post on there.

I don’t sway to “keep engagement going.”

I watch chaos codes fall where they may. And then I hear it: “now.”

And I show up.

With no eyes on what I did yesterday or what I “should” do when we begin.

And because that’s the case I have the most UNBELIEVABLE mind bending content that has been dropping in for you.

Because I LET it.

A huge part of this is things happening out of order – like me dropping The Royal Coach program before we even begin for no reason other than I heard it was time.

I have no content around who thinks what.

Or what launch strategies are.

Or what aligns with the audience.

I just submit to genius.

And I don’t lock this in as a strategy just because we already have enrollments.

It might happen totally different next time.

Magic never happens the same way twice.

Not many people realize the extent of the work in relation to this.

You’re going to be unraveled and unraveled and unraveled in this container – without being put back together. Because magic isn’t put together.

You ready?

Prepare to have your mind blown – and your body upgraded.

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty