The Dark Sun & Mercury Retrograde


This sixth sun is a complete shift in mass consciousness.

According to Aztec/Mayan calendars, we are transitioning from the 5th to the 6th sun.

Which is known as the Dark Sun. (Blacklight in the bones).

It is the era of darkness.

We knew this lunar eclipse was huge. Right after it was over I screamed to the team “the curse is lifted. Dark consciousness can now land.”

Apparently even the cosmos believe so.

Sam sent me a post by someone describing the Aztec beliefs about this transition, and she wrote it’s about the shift from looking outside of us (feedback), to going within (sealed off).

While most may interpret this a time to reflect…. It is the reflection itself that is dead because the only way to reflect within is to look without.

There will be a lot of dilutions even here, as people attempt to make the Sixth Sun something one can “handle”…. A glorified version of the fifth.

But this sixth sun is a complete shift in mass consciousness, and was completed when this lunar eclipse occurred.

I can give you so so so many examples of how websites and teachers of light suddenly began speaking dark language.

This is monumental and such an amazing moment to experience.

Also, Naveed created this image of the Dark Sun in 2019.

Time to activate your blacklight.

Not to mention with Mercury in retrograde in its home sign of Gemini… the messenger has changed its course away from reflection.

It is a big detour in how we communicate.

Silence is more regal than ever. More magnetic than ever.

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty