What Happens When You Go Blind


In the dark your taste IS going to be satisfied. You just have to get out of its way.

It’s time to flip from business to world and discover the true energetics behind your genius expression.

You never know what a dark business is until it presents itself… that’s why it’s “dark”.

I didn’t know what my dark phase looked like until it made itself known to me.

You can have a taste for things – which is like basically a deep want for something but with NO content around it.

It’s like a hunger.

This hunger is what charges what you want with your genius (this is the difference to matching frequencies in the light).

The spell is cast with intention and then complete submission.

In the light grid work it’s faith – based on alignment.

In the dark your taste IS going to be satisfied.

You just have to get out of its way.

It’s not that you won’t have belief – it’s that you don’t need to try to believe or align before submission.

It’s blind faith vs curated faith.

Less knowing, more seeing/reading.

Notice: when you open yourself up to feedback (taking IN someone else’s content – you do this by giving away your power to them ) – all of a sudden you start getting “inspired ideas” from that very source of the feedback.

Suddenly, “similar ideas” strike.

This has been labeled as “inspired action” and has led many to create results that were then not sustainable unless they went BACK to that source of feedback.

Ignore this piece of data next time, and let it die off.

And THEN you will hear true genius.

And it’s very possible that true genius may come up with similar ideas.

But it won’t under the INFLUENCE of feedback.

The unimaginable only happens when you go blind.

Because you only shine BLINDINGLY on your own ground.

Because it’s built for you and you alone.

When you’re on imperial ground people must use their new set of eyes.

Welcome to a new type of spiritual leader: The DARK influencer. (Also known as the BLIND influencer.)

Sonika A.
CEO, Wild Dynasty