wild dynasty hosts the core codes for archetypal consciousness.

We are here to educate you on the raw ingredients that make up your body and psyche: the archetypes, their nuances, and their expression.

Our clients are here to learn the most cutting-edge upgrades to these archetypes and how to use them to specifically craft anything that they desire.

We all have four major channels that we are here to master:
Soul, Spirit, Body, Mind.

There are archetypes that sit within each of these channels and express themselves in different ways. Once these archetypes are learned and mastered, they can help you become the Alchemist of your own life by aiding in your creation and helping you express and animate the very precise things that will bring the magic back into your life.

Our clients have experienced profound changes in all areas of life simply by working with these archetypes.

Once learned, the archetypes will help you craft your very OWN genius activations and experiences for your own clients that no one else but you can access.

It is time to unlock your Alchemist coding.

Sonika Asif

Co-Founder & CEO

Naveed Asif

Co-Founder & CEO

Ashley Summers


Adrian Toman

Senior Developer