Wild Dynasty

Couture Consciousness

Where consciousness and business is luxuriously custom-designed to suit your wildest dreams.
Here we teach you the art and precision of designing one-of-a-kind elite empires through the mastery of Alchemy.
We are for spiritual entrepreneurs, healers and coaches who want to master their energy and business with mind-blowing precision and become the 1% of the 1% of the consciousness and coaching world.
You will find that we do things differently.
We unravel the discrepancies in Law of Attraction and New Age Spirituality and provide you with elixirs of truth on precisely how manifestation truly works.
The art of Alchemy is necessary if you want to become a Master money manifestor and upgrade your coaching and healing abilities by unlocking your true Genius frequency.


Known as the “Luxury Couple” of the spiritual coaching world, Naveed & Sonika (Founders of Wild Dynasty) are well known for their abilities to craft and build powerful coaching empires. They power one of the most cutting-edge energetic frequencies of luxury found anywhere on the planet and have built a multi-million dollar coaching business in no time by embodying the very wealth energetics they teach their clients – multiple times over.

Their clients are the bored, the uninspired and mundane coaches, energy workers and healers who are ready to discover their own, true, potent genius and transform their brand into a luxury experience for their own clients. After a wild ride with Wild Dynasty, them come out the other end with more fire, more euphoria, more clients, more presence…

… and a hell of a lot more money.

Sonika Asif

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Naveed Asif

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Ashley Summers

Operations Manager

Adrian Toman

Senior Developer