Gitte Lassen: $72k Case Study

Programs Completed:
Inner Circle Membership

Written by Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty

When Gitte L. first came to me, she was exhausted, overworked, and had no fire in her. Selling $100 courses and barely earning enough to pay her expenses left her doubtful that someone like her, who loved teaching so much and never identified as a salesperson, could ever make it in this monstrous world of coaching.

With these numbers, most mentors would turn to action. To movement. To motivation.

But at Wild Dynasty, we know the problem sits within your coding. Deep within your energetic blueprint. And it comes down to extremely precise moves that you flip you from poor to wealthy overnight.

Through the process of mastering Shadow Alchemy, Gitte crossed her biggest cash month ever at $72,000 (with six figures booked in for the year already).
She went on to have $100,000 sales month, a number she couldn’t even FATHOM was a possible reality for her at ANY point in her lifetime.
Energetic alchemy creates PERMANENT change on a deep, core level in a way that surpasses every tool on the planet.

Gitte Lassen

Laura Caputo: $100k Case Study

Programs Completed:
Wild Anatomy, Elite

Written by Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty

Laura enrolled into one of the 4 secret exclusive spots into our first round of Wild Anatomy: Secret Wonderland where we journey through all the body systems, learn to activate magic in the body and really switch to the new systems and grids of consciousness once and for all.
And something major occurred. Time for her collapsed. And the impossible happened.
Just a week into the program she messages me saying:
“I need to tell you: right now I’ve hit my first ever 100k sales month [Cue a million emojis of shock and excitment].”
What’s REALLY exciting, which she had no idea about, was that she was about to have her biggest sales DAY two months later.
It’s no secret that I work with magic codes. These go beyond light codes. They are much more potent, and can shape shift to resonate with exactly who they need to resonate with.
And I’m nothing if not practical in my approach the magic, and I always translate this cosmic magic into something applicable – yet potent – for your business.
One fine day, Laura came across a simple spell I had written on my profile about pulling in the perfect clients. Laura is one of my high level clients.  On the surface, this kind of basic content doesn’t seem built for her. But she felt a strange pull, to comment on it and cast the spell for herself.
She messages me a few minutes later: “I got a random call out of nowhere from a woman just now.”

A few hours later: “The client who called me today now said yes to my VIP 6 month package. She paid the 30k in full today. The funny thing is Sonika, I never comment on these kind of posts, but I could sense something was different in the energy here compared to other posts like this.”

Experiment successful. She had no idea I was even doing this. And now she’s six figures wealthier than ever before.

Laura Caputo, Dark Rose Woman

Eva Lepik: $47k in 2 Weeks

Programs Completed:
The Royal Coach, Elite, HyperConscious, Wild CEO

When I decided to jump into a 1:1 container with Sonika and Naveed I had recently got a deeper knowing of what my genius is about more precisely. More intimacy with my genius also meant I needed to leave the known behind. While I was submitted to it, I could feel I was holding myself back somewhere. I just had this extremely strong urge to move faster and really start to move and create.

I was kind of baking the goods within me, but was not sharing the stuff with the world, I was holding it to myself. While I knew what I was going to do there also was doubt because I didn’t want to mess up this beautiful new thing I now had.

Now I see that I can do anything and enjoy anything my genius brings me. There is no one right way to do anything. I just choose and move as fast as I want to or as slow as I want to. It really is very easy to do anything, because nothing is ever wrong. Sonika and Naveed helped me to see clearly where I was holding myself back.

As soon as I got out of my own way, I launched my new membership in 1 week + made $22k sales with it in 2 weeks. After averaging $12k per month for the previous 6 months. And sold 3 of my 1:1 packages in 1 week, with 2 Facebook posts.

In total, I made $47k sales in October, all within 2 weeks.

I see time in a different way. My energy has changed. I trust the potency of my codes on a new level. I deliver even with silence.

My clients started to see codes as soon as I fully submitted, also people who had no experiences of that kind before. What I see is going to change because of this is no more doubting. I’m going to enjoy building my spiritual imperium fully, wherever it takes me. I trust my genius and I absolutely know there will be more of some seriously awesome magic opening up in me.

Since enrolling in Alixerium, I had my biggest month ever in January, hitting $53,700 in cash.

Eva Lepik, Founder of Sinine Kookon

Tracy Poizner: $15K Sale (10x-ed her price)

Programs Completed:
The Royal Coach, Elite, HyperConscious

I first heard Sonika in an interview with a business coach. I was definitely not there looking for spiritual guidance so I was unexpectedly bowled over – I couldn’t explain why I was so drawn to what she was saying, but I literally dropped everything I was doing to follow her and hear more.

I’ve had some amazing synchronicities happen throughout my life, but since joining Wild Dynasty I’ve started having transformative experiences on a weekly or even daily basis.

Pretty early on, I booked my first $15K client (a 10X of my previous top offer). One morning I was treated to a 30 minute magical light show on my computer that I can’t even describe but I’ve never seen anything like it before or since.

More recently, I had an experience of collapsing time that just blew my mind: I had created a backlog of important tasks that was becoming a serious roadblock in my business. For several months I tried to just be still and hold the tension but there was a hard 3-D deadline approaching and literally the day before I absolutely had to have things in place, I created everything I needed in a single day without any of the technical snags or knowledge of programming that had been consistently holding me back.

Basically, 4-6 months of work knocked off in an afternoon.

I’m not interested in ever working any other way again. Too busy making nothing matter. 

Tracy Poizner, Founder of Undeletable Dad

Monique Mejer: Doubled Monthly Income

Programs Completed:
Elite, HyperConscious, Diamond Matrix

From the moment I walked into Wild Dynasty I felt like I had something to do with Ashley. She intrigued me and I now know why I had to work with her. I think of her as a “Spit Fire”, she is so fast and accurate.

During my Wild Spine Activation with her, we were in contact for weeks. Our shared love for the spine and this special experience naturally led to the Diamond Matrix.

Looking back on when we started, I was like a wide-eyed doll. I thought I was fine, but I was settling and so passive. Ashley flipped my switch from off to on. There was no discussion (just submission).

I started walking, tripping, falling, getting up, crashing and then power failure. However, the intense moments of truth made me make major shifts. That is what counts.

She challenged me to clarify what is important to me and pushed me through the shadow energy barrier, so I could experience the truth of my greatness, over and over again for me to get to precision. Up to a point when I realized I can have the capacity for everything. I feel that what I have learned is anchored in my body.

Ashley activated me to take control of my life and how to make my desires matter. If you are not willing to do that, you don’t deserve what you desire. That is a gem that is most valuable to me.

I finished the Diamond Matrix with 3 sales. Which is double my previous monthly income ($4450).

Ashley, I will not forget the Diamond Matrix and I know there will be many times when I think of you and what I have learned from you.

Monique Mejer, The Style Coder

Lauren Zavlunov: $5k Messenger Sales

Programs Completed:
The Royal Coach, Elite, HyperConscious

Wild Dynasty emerged for me when I was convinced there were no mentors for me…

When I craved magic, yet felt exhausted from the templates I had been endlessly seeing in the spiritual entrepreneurial space.

Through their guidance, I was able to finally unhook from what tethered me in an operational system that was never my taste and I began the deepest relationship with my own personal genius, a wild adventure into my own personal codes.

Since being part of their realm, I have experienced true effortless magic- magnetic AF marketing, landing 5k clients in messenger with no more than a few minutes of interaction, organic audience growth, transformational conversations far beyond “coaching” my clients, incredible synchronicity, soul clients simply reaching out to me to be in my containers and absolute pleasure in every facet of my mystical business.

Lauren Zavlunov, Founder of Recode With Lauren

Alishina Lightning: Dark Code Activation

Programs Completed:
The Royal Coach, Elite

I want to share what’s unfolded since my Dark Code Activation.
For the past decade+ I’ve been through a series of shamanic initiations… primarily with Jaguar Medicine.
It’s been quite a rough internal process clearing childhood sexual abuse, and a lineage of just awful dense shadow / “trauma.”
For years I would scour every resource I could find on Jaguar, Black Panther, and the shamanic legends.
There was NOTHING beyond what you can read in your average “spirit animals” oracle deck.
I knew there was something much more legitimate and applicable than just myth and legend.
Turns out… I’ve been in that exact initiation to bring forward The New Jaguar Codes.
Since my DCA I’ve been doing my thing, clearing primarily my SPINE of all kinds of stuff… I would say it was all dense “trauma”… but I also know my magic was literally stored IN my spine. So… what felt like a “healing” process was MUCH, much more.
Last week I felt my spine go completely DARK.
Then last night the Jaguar Codes started dropping in… HARD.
Like… everything was clear. Everything was/is Jaguar.
I’m creating… wait for it… “Jaguar Self Mastery.” And a series of Jaguar Genius Activations, and more.
And I leave this weekend for MEXICO where I’m being called to dive deeper into these Jaguar Mysteries and extract more of the New Jaguar Codes.
What a freaking DESCENT this has been.
The DCA definitely pushed me over the edge.
I feel so blind because now there is ZERO competition for “what I do/offer.” ZERO.
I’m the Source. I activate and guide others to their own Jaguar Descent, Truth + Power.

Alishina Lightning, Founder at Alishina Lightning

Jeff Lohrius: Individuated Genius

Programs Completed:
Elite, HyperConscious VIP

When you imagine the experience of luxury; {exquisite, precious, intricate, artisan} you picture a finely crafted jewel or masterpiece. Naveed and Sonika exude the frequency and codes of royal opulent refinement and taste of the highest integrity, caliber, and purity.

When it comes to growth, development, and the evolution of consciousness, luxury wasn’t remotely on my radar / was a dirty word. Not only did I believe they were mutually exclusive, I believed luxury was adversarial to their pursuit and attainment.

I was looking for something to save me, give me credibility, validate my existence. A safe haven from my huge wealth and abundance shadows. Every path and practice I followed reflected and validated that shadow pursuit, keeping me stuck in fear, shame, and blame.

At midlife, finally exhausted from running from and fighting myself, I began to seek solutions to my abysmal money codes. I turned to the conscious coaching world which at first glance looked promising. Lots of million dollar launches, systems, and mindsets. As I quickly realized, behind the scenes it was another reality entirely.

When I came into contact with Naveed and Sonika’s work, I finally found mentors who walked their talk. It was hard to wrap my mind around the finely crafted results and reality they created in their relationship, lifestyle, and luxurious experiences on a consistent, daily basis.

The deep commitment and loyalty to their regal standards inspired and transformed my relationship to self. Activating these diamond codes within, I’ve begun to back and believe in myself in all areas of my life. Transforming my body effortlessly, making money and investing in myself more in a month than I have in a year, and owning my requirements and desires in relationship are the unimaginable effects of working with them that have echoed in my life.

The ultimate impact of working with Naveed and Sonika has been trusting my individuated genius and vision. To have the bravery and conviction to bring my dreams and desires to life.

Jeff Lohrius, Metaverse Auteur

Mounia Brice: Chaos Unleashed

Programs Completed:
The Royal Coach, Elite

Why was I so drawn to Wild Dynasty? What was it about the work that you do now that was fully brought to my attention at present, as opposed to much earlier?

Simply because you work with chaos alchemy now. You don’t try to box it into a form or a shape it doesn’t want to be in.

You don’t try to alchemize it into something lighter and more palatable.

This, and the info about the Chaos Goddess just blew open my whole world for a blueprint that was on pause for months, because something was yet unfinished that only now got even more filled out.

Knowing what I know, from even before discovering dark consciousness, I now fully understand why I was never going to make it financially under the light grid rules, because my very essence since birth has always been made of chaos and chaos doesn’t play by rules of any kind but it’s own.

I understand now that Light Mastery was never going to work with me for that very reason. And it hasn’t, even though I gave it serious consideration at one time. I also suspect it hasn’t for many people for the exact same reason.

I fully understand why I could technically do the work under a light grid system where you trade time for money, yet always felt repelled sometimes to the point of physical sickness by even the thought of stepping into a corporate cubicle for office work.

The thought of creating a light business that turns into a job where I feel chained and constricted. I would start something then let it fade. Start something then meet a roadblock.

I gained a lot of internet marketing skills that way. I lost a lot of money that way. I figured out all the marketing tricks by looking at a ton of sales pages, sales videos, drip content into a sales offer.

I got so good at it that I was able to figure out what they were offering before the video ad was even over.

I just realized that the majority of my sparse jobs had heavy chaotic elements which I enjoyed and felt at home in.

Hah! All this to say Wild Dynasty formed at the right time and I haven’t felt more in myself and of myself than ever before.

Mounia Brice, CEO of House of Merai

Stéphanie Denuwelaere: $10K Cash

Programs Completed:
Elite, HyperConscious

I discovered Wild Dynasty as I was in a big low in my personal life, and my business had followed. 

No more calls, no more clients. 

Being in a kind of depression / burnout, having insomnia every night, using light medicine to “hold on”. 

At that period, I had fallen into the trap of buying useless programs (blueprints / mindset / healing…) from different coaches, thinking they would help me find the solution.

No coach in the light grid was able to help me anymore.

Because what i needed was to GET MY MAGIC BACK. 

As I started to immerse myself into the Dark consciousness, I realized I had lost it on the way in the light grid.

Something invisible caught me into Sonika and Naveed’s world. Something powerful, like a call from my soul saying: “That’s what you’ve been looking for!” 

The first change they helped me make was to unhook from a huge personal issue, liberating myself, the persons involved, and the energy trapped.

Then, the more I dived into the programs, the more I felt that my personal power came back stronger than ever.

I created my first high-value membership.

I increased my programs prices and started to sell again.

I started to make things that I really want in my life matter and saw the magic show everywhere: new energy, new projects, old dreams waking up that are on their way to be manifested.

Last week, I just cast a spell as per how they taught me and got… 5 calls booked in a week! 

And in a few days after I casted the spell, I reached the $10k I had DECIDED to make this month!  My income has suddenly increased again…I feel a new world / energy growing inside of me. 

What I love is the way these magicians / sorcerers allow us to take our true power 100%, just by being themselves without trying to get over anyone.

No BS, no lie. Pure truth. I now feel right away what is not purely true and essential in social medias and can’t stand the “noise” and “fakeness” anymore.  So grateful that our worlds crossed each other!  Big cleaning. Huge shifts. 

I can’t wait to open more portals and see bigger Magic happen in my whole life and business because I know it’s only the beginning – All this happened in only 3 months and half!

Stéphanie Denuwelaere, Founder of Stéphanie Denuwelaere