Without Submission There is No Pure Creation

Surrender and submission are two very different things.

Surrender is about giving up your power, giving over your power to someone else. Think about it like in a battle, when one side surrenders to the other.

When you surrender you give your power away.

Energetically, when the feminine surrenders, she is saying that something/someone has power over her. In that moment she creates herself as a victim. We each have masculine and feminine energies, so it is possible to surrender and create yourself as a victim no matter your gender and no matter who/what you surrender to.

This is why it’s important to make the distinction between surrender and submission.

And to also note that submission is not just about BDSM, and not just about sex. 

And it is not about the feminine submitting to the masculine.

Submission is the Feminine Giving Her Power to Nothing

She empties herself out of expectation, of attachment, of control, of collective constructs and content of all kinds.

This empty state of the energetic feminine is what creates a frame for creation.

She is at her most powerful in this state, because she has no wants/needs/desires hooking her to anything or anyone.

And she holds this tension of being the frame, this is the tone she sets: That she can be totally pure, unattached, in full submission and in full belief that she can create anything. That she does not need to hold on to anything in order to craft her ultimate taste.

And this is what calls the masculine energy in, to create the art (whatever she has set the tone to create) within the frame (within her, energetically).

Without her submission, there can be no creation.

It’s important to say that this is all energetic feminine & masculine, so physical women, men, non-binary can play with these energies of creation.

Submission is Not Surrender

In my work I have seen that it’s true that women themselves have the most trouble submitting and becoming the frame of creation.

Most women are stuck in the paradigm of “surrender” because they are so afraid to lose control, afraid to trust the energetic masculine to deliver to them.

And because of this fear they set that tone for everything in their lives and what they do create is always diluted. And never what they truly want. Never truly satisfying.

They recall all the times that they have believed and how it has not been enough. Because the energies available have been diluted.

There are new energies available now to play with these pure codes of creation, which is why it is so important for people to understand that submission is the gateway to experiencing magic in your lives.

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