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A spiritual empire requires consistency, action and serious magnetism.

Creating a luxurious spiritual empire from the ground up is a completely different thing to just building a business. I’m so passionate about the EMPIRE code specifically, because the energy within an empire builds on itself and goes beyond even you.

An empire is the thing that sits beyond money. Beyond just profit. Beyond survival and sales numbers and statistics.

It is an extension of the very tone of creation that BIRTHED YOU. And it is fucking POWERFUL.

Empires are what have the ability to change the world for the better; but most people have no clue how to flip from thinking like a business owner, to embodying the CEO energy of a multimillion-dollar spiritual empire.

When I first started this business, I was constantly mystified at why I wasn’t making sales.

The familiar doubt of whether or not I would earn enough to pay off my bills – or even just enough to beat last year’s numbers – as evidence that I’m “doing the energy work right” would creep up constantly.

I had a MOUNTAIN of evidence that would suggest I had tried EVERYTHING under the sun, and I was just a lost cause. Nope. This isn’t for me.

I should probably try another business.

No one is buying.

No matter how much I market, the numbers just won’t move.

No one cares what I have to say.

I’ve tried the traditional way, and the spiritual way, and it’s just. Not. Fucking. Working.

I could’ve blown even the finest lawyers out of the water with how much evidence I had gathered (Harvey Specter would be proud #SuitsReference).

And I so badly wanted to be right that I was some special case that couldn’t be helped, because God-forbid if this was just all shit I made up…. That would mean I COULD be winning. Right now.

Imagine how hard THAT was to face when I finally got there.

I could have been winning all this time.

That sentence right there is the FIRST STEP to finally realizing that NO ONE ELSE was EVER in control of your money. Not your partner, not your parents, not the government, hell not even the fucking Universe.

And when that finally sunk in for me, I promised myself I would work my ass off on my energy to never let myself believe in the illusion again, that I can’t make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

Whenever I want to. At the snap of a finger.

Yes it’s possible. But the key is, it’s possible FOR ME.

And I’m not some coach that’s going to sit here and waste this space to tell you this is possible for you too.

I am a Luxury Brand Alchemist that has studied the deep energetics that govern our creation.

And I’m not going to tell you what’s possible for you – because I had to get there all on my own.

If I didn’t, I could never be sharing the above information with you and have it be coded with power and truth. (That’s how bullshit motivational speeches are made, by the way. They’re empty of truth and power because they’re borrowed).

And I’m all about being real, and raw, and honest – and the honest truth is if YOU don’t get there yourself – that NOTHING is controlling your money and that your DREAM of a spiritual empire is just a DECISION away…

… then you might as well stop reading.

But if I knocked the wind out of you, and you’re like holy fuck, I have gathered a mountain of illusive evidence and I’m DONE with it – Perfect.

Because here’s what happened to some of my clients who also decided to take the leap into Empire:

rima s: $1100 created in 24 hours

“Paid for the program last night. Sold my first $1100 package (in CASH) today and received an Apple computer as a gift within the same hour. I always thought about giving discounts and offering an installment plan but not anymore. I’m on a roll!!!!”

ashley s: $4k package sold

“Just made my first ever shadow-free sale. Holy fuck, is this what it feels like? ….. but also… obviously. $6000 AUD ($4116 USD) for 8 weeks 1:1 the highest price I have ever charged. The sale is to an existing client. SUCH a change from the first sale to her. It was actual magic. It was the easiest sale I have ever made, because it was CLEAR of shadow.”

julianne m: 3 client inquiries

“After a chat with Sonika I realized a misalignment and I started letting go slowly – The instant I did a COMPLETE download for my 5 day event happened. Sex and Soul Soiree and exactly how I would teach it. Then I had 3 messages come through messenger asking about working with me! Oh my FUCK” – Julianne M.

empire client: $10k in less than a week

“Massive Celebration: 10k in less than a week, from my sunbed at the beach on a tiny Greek island during the most ‘inactive’ week of the whole year as in Greece and the whole of Europe this week is on holiday. I fucking did it!!! Thank you!!”

i'm sonika a., ceo of wild dynasty.

and when i started to play the game right, i went from $6k to $100k in 21 days.

What exactly shifted for me, that helped take me from having no followers, no income, no credibility and no results…

… To creating a MIND-BLOWING launch that attracted over 300+ members and led me to $100,000 in cash in just 3 weeks?

That was my first ever six-figure cash month by the way.


And I have been decoding that moment ever since because it was so monumental for me and others that watched me go from 0-100 (literally) right in front of their eyes.

I’m going to give you the simplest answer to a multi-million dollar business anyone has ever given you:

I made it easy for myself.

Boom. That’s it. That’s the key. The entire secret.

The Empire program is so special to me because it was the first time I completely removed all the bullshit “expert” masks I was wearing and just told the fucking truth on the internet.

I killed the desperation and just made space for POSSIBILITY.

I had my own back. For once in my fucking life. After a long, long time.

And money did not disappoint.

I’m here to teach you how to make launches and business EASY for yourself so that you don’t code your money with shadow and end up being rich as fuck, but sick as fuck at the same time.

I’m not about that.

Inside this program you will find seven POWERFUL recorded modules that take you deep into the energetics that run EVERY situation you may face in building your empire – from sales conversations to setting boundaries and even how to manage your money once you do earn it.

So, spiritual entrepreneurs,
I call on you to ask yourself:

 Are you actually insanely 100% madly excited about what you’re doing? And are you charging big for it?

Because here’s what it takes to build an empire that KEEPS running consistently: Serious commanding power over energy, the ability to see right through physical illusion, and the will to create change as needed.

I’m just going to leave these INSANE testimonials from my Empire clients here so you can see what’s possible:

kerry b: million dollar retreat

“Within 48 hrs of receiving an offer we have sold our million dollar retreat after nearly 4 years of trying. In the last 6 weeks we have had more people look through it than in all those years (since the program opened). Money codes activated thank you Sonika. This now gives me all the time, space and energy to allow our billion dollar concept to fully birth! Believing is Seeing.”

tammy l: $75k unlocked

“At first, I Decreed $30,000.00 at the end of the 6 weeks, and it felt so out of alignment, so off and I kept hearing ‘raise it up, raise it up’ and I did to $100,000.00. With that I kept having this thought, there has to be a way to release the retirement funds to me that originally I had to wait for 5 years to access. As soon as I did, Ok now I waited to confirm this, the reason why I did not share it last week, and I have now received paperwork in the mail informing me that the employee-owned company I used to work for is being sold and when that sale goes through, projected to in October 2019, ALL retirement funds which is approximately $75,000.00 will be disbursed to me…ONLY a few short days after raising my Decree to $100,000.00.”

empire client: $5k created

“Decreed $5000 by Monday didn’t have it this morning, didn’t have it by noon. Have it now!!!!

empire client: $45k in 24 hours

“I declared $50k coming in today. I’m currently at $45,542.70.”

The Experience:

Empire was the first program ever run using archetypal alchemy, showing the world LIVE how to quantum leap from no clients, no following, no ads, no income to six figures in cash in just 30 days. Clients experienced MASSIVE leaps in their income just by being a part of this program.

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