Let's play.

If you know this is for you, you know.

I’m Sonika, and I’m a genius at tapping into the Jackpot frequency.

My clients have unlocked $90k after 45 minutes with me. $100k after 60 minutes with me. $35k weeks after a simple upgrade to their codes. And I’m talking CASH. This is a game I know how to play all too well.

I know how to strike the exact tone of magic that flips my entitlement for money into my genius and births a life of elegant luxury that goes way beyond the outdated manifestation tools of the law of attraction.

This 1:1 experience is designed to bring you the irratio.

It is coded to bring forth every shadow you have around money, and crafted for you to learn how to spin it into your genius. The way I activate my body with money, the way I naturally think about it, and the way I naturally tap into it… is unheard of.

Money has a current. And while operating on the old system of manifestation, money will only come to you via those laws… and those laws are limited.

With the new portal system, money behaves differently.
The irratio is powerful. And it requires Entitlement to become your genius.
And it begins with the layout of this container itself.
We will not have any calls together. You and I will simply communicate over Slack chat. This method of communication is specifically coded for me, and it’s how I do my best genius expression.
3 weeks out of the month, my time is yours. The 4th week is my week off and we may or may not communicate while we let the codes take over your system. (Play time is necessary after all.)
Together we will:
  • Strike your core frequency that generates money specifically for you.
  • Generate the frequency of play (you heard me. Play isn’t an action, its a frequency).
  • Defy the rules of time and space and open portals to supernatural wealth.
  • Redefine your entire system and show you how to create more, for less.
  • Activate your dark portal system, with a dark body activation session included in this offer.
This is only for those ready to play the big game of magic.
$10,000 / month
Minimum commitment:
3 months
Spots Available:  SOLD OUT

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