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Your access to free courses and trainings that have helped our clients create serious magic in their lives. 

This is unlike any spiritual business course you’ve ever been a part of.

It’s going to challenge you, it’s going to unhook you, and it’s going to catapult you.

Step through the portal and experience the following programs:

  • Your Inner Psychic: Your guide to becoming an energy master and learning the archetypal system.

  • Spiritual Empire Soiree: How to finally launch your empire the right way and build the right foundation.

  • Badass Closer Series: How to close sales with style and land massive deals (even if you’re just starting out).

  • The Enchanting Affair: How to market yourself in a way that creates a massive audience.

  • …and more as we keep creating free content for you!

This your gateway to the realm of magic.

The beginning of true mastery.

The experience of effortless creation.

Wild Dynasty

Forbes Business Council 2021

Wild Dynasty

The team behind the magic:

Known as the Royal Couple of spiritual world of consciousness, Naveed & Sonika (CEOs of Wild Dynasty) have apprenticed directly under the biggest names within the spiritual industry. Having earned millions of dollars, and helping their clients do the same, this power couple is now here with a their very own spiritual legacy that is considered one of the most cutting-edge energetic frequencies found anywhere on the planet.

Dreaming of a world of pure magic, money, love and health, they are now creating the very world they have been in search of their entire lives – one that no current spiritual leader has ever built.

With their ability to spin the concepts of money, luxury, and business on its head, they quantum leap their clients to magical worlds in their business that they didn’t even know existed, resulting in tons of cash, health, love and more.

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