Wild Grimoire

The Wild Dynasty Myth

Welcome to the world of Wild Dynasty.

Birthed on October 26, 2020, this field has truly become a magical space unlike any other. Hosting the pure codes of magic, Wild Dynasty has built itself on the new Diamond Grid of consciousness by unraveling all current constructs around business, health, love and older forms of magic.

It is a field where geniuses come together and learn to host their own Diamond worlds and activate their multidimensional bodies.

A realm with beautiful enchanted forests, a royal frequency and magical winds, this Dynasty is rooted in the land of no time and no space. It bears the fruit of creation; wild experiences that show up on this 3D plane as potent, activating truths.

Within this world are the magical psychics, the wildly wealthy, and the powerful alchemists. A School of Magic for those who need it, and simply a host field for others who wish to exchange codes to feed their own dynasties and genius field.

It is a shapeshifting space, one designed to help you weave your very own waking dream on this 3D plane.

For those ready to leave behind the old outdated consciousness, this realm springs forth to break the mirror, the constant loop of reflection, inviting you to your very own magical world hidden within.

Your Wild Empire Awaits.

The worlds of magic, mysticism, spirituality and wealth have been poles apart for too long.

Going beyond a successful business and turning their mystical work into a luxurious dynasty is unheard of for healers and mystics.

It has never been done. But it is now possible.

It is now possible for mystics to not only become multi-millionaires, but to shed the collective known magic of the current grid and upgrade their work so they truly become their very own spiritual legacy. The brand of one.

Where their magic depends on no other knowledge but their own channeled genius frequency.

It is time for Wild Wealth to make itself known without the hooks and constructs surrounding the paradox of service, healing and luxury.

The codes of these concepts have been brought together, birthing a new consciousness.

Wild Dynasty helps you build your magical legacy by activating wild codes in your energy, money and business.

As a revolutionary consciousness and magic school for spiritual entrepreneurs, we unlock personal brands of magic for our clients so they can build their own true spiritual legacy in a way that truly encapsulates their wildest dreams.

We are for the leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs who are successful but bored, wealthy but stressed, thriving but lost – knowing there’s a Wild Dynasty within them that they are terrified to reveal.

The ones who are truly craving to unleash a new kind of magic upon the world. One that is truly their very own brand of genius. The only way to truly satisfy their craving for the New.

Become the Alchemist & Activate Your Wild Anatomy.

Your very own body systems are where the newest, truest, purest consciousness is created and transmitted, activating you into the most magical, wild and truly-you version of your life that exists.

The new Universal laws have landed. We have shifted to a space where everyone has the ability to travel the grids once your Dark Body portal system has been activated.

There is a new grid being built, and for you to step into and embody your greatest power there must be a pure, original, true space for you to practice your most extreme genius forms of magic.

Wild Dynasty is that space. We are now bringing through the most upgraded consciousness on wild anatomy, nutrition,  homeopathy, astrology, healing and all other forms of magic available to us.

You will become a data decoder, a blind seer, a true Alchemist via learning the Dark Arts of Chaos Alchemy.
Are you ready for the upgrade?

Known as the Royal Couple of the spiritual world of consciousness, Naveed & Sonika (CEOs of Wild Dynasty) have apprenticed directly under the biggest names within the spiritual industry. Having earned millions of dollars, and helping their clients do the same, this power couple is now here with a their very own spiritual legacy that is considered one of the most cutting-edge energetic frequencies found anywhere on the planet.

They have helped big time coaches go from $100k to $500k months and beyond, taking them to multi-millions in their business in a way they could never imagine. They have been top consultants for the most popular spiritual legacies in the industry.

Dreaming of a world of pure magic, money, love and health, they are now creating the very world they have been in search of their entire lives – one that no current spiritual leader has ever built.

Having unlocked their own inner Alchemist, they are now paving the path for others to learn the new art of Chaos Alchemy. Their clients are unlocking potent, high-level psychic abilities and upgrading their sight so they can begin to weave their own waking dream of money, health, love, business and more.