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The Founders

A Business School of Magic for Witches & Alchemists looking to build their enchanted empire and catapult their business through the most cutting-edge forms of magic, spellcasting and alchemy.

We are here to weave the worlds of money and magic, teaching Magicworkers how to build multimillion-dollar businesses and achieve next-level potency in their sales, marketing, and even the work they do for their own clients.

We achieve this by teaching our students the newest, cutting-edge spiritual codes, how to access them in the body and how to apply it to their business.

Birthed on October 26, 2020, this field has truly become a magical space unlike any other. Hosting the pure codes of magic, Wild Dynasty has built itself on the new Diamond Grid of consciousness by unraveling all current constructs around witchcraft, alchemy, money, business and older forms of magic.

It is a field where geniuses come together to host their own Diamond worlds and activate their multidimensional bodies.

A realm with beautiful enchanted forests, a royal frequency and magical winds, this Dynasty is rooted in the land of no time and no space. It bears the fruit of creation; wild experiences that show up on this 3D plane as potent, activating truths.

Within this world are the magical psychics, the wildly wealthy witches, and the powerful alchemists. A School of Magic for those who need it, and an enchanting Business School for the ones ready to build a world of wealth - Wild Dynasty has got it all.

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