Unleash Your Magical Genius.

Learn the art of Chaos Alchemy, become the Alchemist and activate pure wealth, love, health and more.

Your Wild Gift
Bundle Awaits.

Your access to free courses and trainings that
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Millions of dollars. Disappearing Illnesses. Upgraded Love.

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Live Program:
The Royal Coach

With Naveed & Sonika
CEOs of Wild Dynasty

The Royal Coach awaits you. It’s time build your Oracle empire by bringing together the worlds of magic and wealth once and for all.

This is your opportunity to learn the ways of the new Dark Consciousness, upgrade from Coach to Oracle, and truly submit to your unique genius.

Wild Alchemist Portal

Wild Alchemist Portal is the luxury portal through which we will guide you on the precise, unique energetic steps to crafting and building your very own Wealth Dynasty. It is for those who wish to join in this work of spiritual consciousness and bring through the new laws and teachings so we can make magic come to life the right way. This is where you will begin to upgrade your energy bodies and systems so you can host the new blueprints of consciousness and break down old grids that have kept the world stuck for ages.

Your own individual brand of magic is ready to unleash. And it’s ready to make you wealthy.

Live Mini-Course:
Multidimensional Magic

With Naveed & Sonika
CEOs of Wild Dynasty

When you switch from the world of reflection to this beautiful portal system… truly anything is possible.
Join us for a mind-blowing experience as we taking you into the portals within your body and show you how the layers of your new multidimensional systems work, and how to tap into them to create absolutely anything you desire.