Becoming Hyperconscious

This is the most powerful state you can be in.

It is the multidimensional aspect of becoming Superconscious, where we complete the cycle of creation.

As we move from the realm of reflecting on our shadows, we begin to shed the question of “what’s wrong with my energy”… and this is absolutely profound.

With this shedding comes the release of our grip on matter – and the habit to CONTROL what is occuring (what is mattering). It allows us to collapse into the nothing, where Nothing matters and matter truly becomes MALLEABLE.

And finally, the state of hyperconsciousness acts like a powerpack to this state – and suddenly we can DECIDE what matters (what becomes matter) with a snap of a finger.

There is nothing wrong with you.

While Light Consciousness provided us with the ability to bring our problems to the surface, and make them Conscious… the Light itself was never meant to be used as a HEALING MODALITY.
Placing ourselves in a constant state of questioning and reflecting is the root of why the seeking doesn’t end. There’s always another key to another lock.
The power of light is limited because it is simply meant to shine light on the matter.

It is not meant to SHIFT matter. However, we needed it for a time while we learned to make ourselves more powerful than shadow.
But time has come for the New. Dark Consciousness was always on its way.
And now it’s here, with INFINITE power available for alchemy where our bodies don’t short-circuit from overpowering states, where our relationships don’t suffer from the chaotic use of our time, where money doesn’t stop pouring in because you’ve stopped obeying the collective rules of “business”.

This Program Is Not For Everyone.

It is fine tuned specifically for those seeking the New.

Those willing to give up the old ways of operation.
Those who are looking for the ULTIMATE end to managing their energy, and can finally choose to live multi-dimensionally.

Inside the land of the HyperConscious there are archetypes – more powerful than you can imagine.

There are collapsed torus bodies that allow us to fold into our environment. There are portals and diamond grids that allow the bending and snapping of Light Consciousness rules.

How you create your life is about to change.

HyperConscious is a 3-month digital experience that will take you into the depths of the archetypes of consciousness – everything from Shadow to Light to Dark to HyperConscious. We will show you the ENTIRE MAP of consciousness (prepare to seriously have your mind blown and every frustration in your life solved with this real-life manual). We will teach you to access your Hyperpower. Apply this to abundance,
love, health, and everything else and watch it all magically unfold.

Access the entire program and secret online community when you enroll.

Investment: $2,500 Pay-In-Full

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