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building a spiritual empire is supposed to be exciting.

You’re supposed to feel euphoric about selling, marketing, even building the structures of the business.

Unfortunately, most spiritual entrepreneurs feel the exact opposite.
There are a million rules from a million mentors bombarding you every second of the day, until you’re so overwhelmed you begin to wonder if this business is even for you.
I have a secret to tell you.
You ARE missing something.

But I GUARANTEE it’s not what you think it is.

Here’s the POWER word that will change everything for you and set you on the right path:


that's right.

clarity of your own genius (and not theirs).

I ran around for years trying to create six-figure months, rushing anxiously from offer to offer, mentor to mentor, constantly placing all my problems in their lap and just waiting for them to wave their magic wand so it would all disappear.

I started failing. My launches failed. I couldn’t sell my programs. I lost all confidence in my abilities to deliver life-changing material to my clients. I marketed the fuck out of everything and nothing worked. Spent thousands on funnel-building and ads and didn’t even recover my investments.

What the fuck happened? How did I get here?

I finally started to take a deep look at the truth of my being.

The truth… that I was no longer happy.

I had become an anxious, desperate, insecure human who woke up every morning just HOPING there was a sale overnight so I could find SOME reason to keep doing this.

This is NOT what I thought building a business would feel or be like.

and it shouldn't be.

i'm sonika a., ceo of wild dynasty.

and when i started to play the game right, i went from $6k to $100k in 21 days.

Launching a Spiritual Empire should be exciting as fuck.

It should be a game that you play against yourself and with yourself, pushing the limits, blowing your own mind with how much money is possible for you, and creating insanely powerful experiences for your clients along the way.

I truly believed this was possible, and I had to just stop trying to fix my old life (the habit you’re probably looping in) and start building a new one (the thing you’re terrified to do.)

In June 2019, I created this Launch challenge, and VOWED to myself that I was going to be COMPLETELY myself, tell the truth, refuse to let my shadows trick me into believing I didn’t have what it took… and I would show my audience LIVE, what was possible if you clean up your energy and bring magic into your spiritual business.

I had no audience. I had just deleted all my Facebook friends. I had no testimonials.

yet i somehow attracted 300+ people into this challenge, blew their minds and ended up with $100k in cash 21 days later.

It's your turn to build your empire with Sovereignity, clarity and power and ditch your coach's "do's and don'ts."

let me be very clear. i'm no coach.

i do not run a coaching business.

i'm an alchemist. i simply cast out the codes that will clear the distortion.

The Experience:

Launch is a 6-module challenge that helps you craft and build a multi-million dollar spiritual empire by fully embodying your own potent genius and releasing the lies you have told yourself over and over again about the kind of clients, money and brand you need to settle for.

This challenge is so simple and straightforward that even at an established level, you will have your eyes opened to the limitations you have placed around business, and how you have actually limited your expression to conform to society, instead of playing your biggest, most euphoric game.

Inside this challenge, clients created MILLIONS of dollars simply by applying the very simple, fundamental, and POWERFUL codes brought through by Sonika.

You will never again feel that you need to serve the entire world in order to make an impact. You will realize how simple client and money attraction becomes when you just own your present truth.

Launch - Thumbnail - Power of Decree


  • 6 x powerful recorded trainings by Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty
  • Beautiful workbooks to help you nail the energy of your empire
  • 5 x archetype and alchemy trainings to lay the foundation of this work + codebook
  • The Power Archetype map with all the nuances of the Shadow and Power archetypes
  • A living Codex book that hosts the definitions and explanations of all the concepts and codes in our world
  • Access to our luxurious portal

your investment today: $150

Eva Lepik: $47k in 2 Weeks

When I decided to jump into a 1:1 container with Sonika and Naveed I had recently got a deeper knowing of what my genius is about more precisely. More intimacy with my genius also meant I needed to leave the known behind. While I was submitted to it, I could feel I was holding myself back somewhere. I just had this extremely strong urge to move faster and really start to move and create.

I was kind of baking the goods within me, but was not sharing the stuff with the world, I was holding it to myself. While I knew what I was going to do there also was doubt because I didn’t want to mess up this beautiful new thing I now had.

Now I see that I can do anything and enjoy anything my genius brings me. There is no one right way to do anything. I just choose and move as fast as I want to or as slow as I want to. It really is very easy to do anything, because nothing is ever wrong. Sonika and Naveed helped me to see clearly where I was holding myself back.

As soon as I got out of my own way, I launched my new membership in 1 week + made $22k sales with it in 2 weeks. After averaging $12k per month for the previous 6 months. And sold 3 of my 1:1 packages in 1 week, with 2 Facebook posts.

In total, I made $47k sales in October, all within 2 weeks.

I see time in a different way. My energy has changed. I trust the potency of my codes on a new level. I deliver even with silence.

My clients started to see codes as soon as I fully submitted, also people who had no experiences of that kind before. What I see is going to change because of this is no more doubting. I’m going to enjoy building my spiritual imperium fully, wherever it takes me. I trust my genius and I absolutely know there will be more of some seriously awesome magic opening up in me.

Since enrolling in Alixerium, I had my biggest month ever in January, hitting $53,700 in cash.

Eva Lepik, Founder of Sinine Kookon

Laura Caputo: $100k Case Study

Written by Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty

Laura enrolled into one of our signature programs…
And something major occurred. Time for her collapsed. And the impossible happened.
Just a week into the program she messages me saying:
“I need to tell you: right now I’ve hit my first ever 100k sales month [Cue a million emojis of shock and excitment].”
What’s REALLY exciting, which she had no idea about, was that she was about to have her biggest sales DAY two months later.
It’s no secret that I work with magic codes. These go beyond light codes. They are much more potent, and can shape shift to resonate with exactly who they need to resonate with.
And I’m nothing if not practical in my approach the magic, and I always translate this cosmic magic into something applicable – yet potent – for your business.
One fine day, Laura came across a simple spell I had written on my profile about pulling in the perfect clients. Laura is one of my high level clients.  On the surface, this kind of basic content doesn’t seem built for her. But she felt a strange pull, to comment on it and cast the spell for herself.
She messages me a few minutes later: “I got a random call out of nowhere from a woman just now.”

A few hours later: “The client who called me today now said yes to my VIP 6 month package. She paid the 30k in full today. The funny thing is Sonika, I never comment on these kind of posts, but I could sense something was different in the energy here compared to other posts like this.”

Experiment successful. She had no idea I was even doing this. And now she’s six figures wealthier than ever before.

Laura Caputo, Dark Rose Woman

Tracy Poizner: $15K Sale (10x-ed her price)

I first heard Sonika in an interview with a business coach. I was definitely not there looking for spiritual guidance so I was unexpectedly bowled over – I couldn’t explain why I was so drawn to what she was saying, but I literally dropped everything I was doing to follow her and hear more.

I’ve had some amazing synchronicities happen throughout my life, but since joining Wild Dynasty I’ve started having transformative experiences on a weekly or even daily basis.

Pretty early on, I booked my first $15K client (a 10X of my previous top offer). One morning I was treated to a 30 minute magical light show on my computer that I can’t even describe but I’ve never seen anything like it before or since.

More recently, I had an experience of collapsing time that just blew my mind: I had created a backlog of important tasks that was becoming a serious roadblock in my business. For several months I tried to just be still and hold the tension but there was a hard 3-D deadline approaching and literally the day before I absolutely had to have things in place, I created everything I needed in a single day without any of the technical snags or knowledge of programming that had been consistently holding me back.

Basically, 4-6 months of work knocked off in an afternoon.

I’m not interested in ever working any other way again. Too busy making nothing matter. 

Tracy Poizner, Founder of Undeletable Dad

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