The Coven

Sonika Asif


Sonika Asif is a multi-millionaire Oracle and the CEO of Wild Dynasty.

Having activated and installed the codes of pure abundance into her anatomy, coupled with her uncanny ability to spin the concept of luxury on its head, she makes magic easily applicable for her clients in a way that has never been done before.  Her clients have created 7-figure legacy empires in no time at all. Her way of channeling and experiencing money is absolutely mind-blowing to her audience.

As the Imperial Witch at Wild Dynasty, she weaves the new magical myths for her clients that result in massive upgrades to all areas of their lives.

Her genius lies in prophetic channeling: being able to see the codes that are making their way to our 3D experience and paves the path for herself and her clients based on her psychic sight.  Being the host of the pure magic field, she teaches her clients how to acquire this upgraded ability for themselves so they begin to host their own mystical realms.

Having worked right alongside and studied with some of the biggest names in the spiritual industry, she has truly brought a grounded, sustainable and lucrative spin to magic and consciousness.

Naveed Asif


Naveed Asif is a multi-millionaire Activator and the CEO of Wild Dynasty.

As a true Dark Closer known for his ability to seal the deal in a magical, suave and charming way, Naveed brings potent activation and silent confidence to help his clients create massive wealth. Naveed can bring the magic to absolutely any sales conversation, and the way he helps his clients close massive deals beyond their wildest dreams is where his greatest euphoria lies.
As the Royal Alchemist at Wild Dynasty, he also uses his ability to channel his clients’ unique genius tones that he converts into personalized Dark music and art that sends them to their own magical world in minutes – resulting in a massive flow of magic, money, love and so much more.
He brings this magic through on his mission to land the new Wild Anatomy codes onto the grid and teach his clients how to access serious power within themselves and create their very own Wonderland.
Having worked right alongside and studied with some of the biggest names in the spiritual industry, Naveed has changed the game of sales and the art of closing as we know it today.
In his recent upgrade to his work of genius, Naveed has unleashed the art of healing through magic and natural medicine that has created a biological upgrade on a DNA level for his clients – unlocking their genius. This new upgrade to his work frees his clients from the collective template and installs wild codes in their system to bring euphoria to all areas of life.


Ashley Summers


Ashley Summers a tech witch and the COO of Wild Dynasty. 

As the genius behind practical magic at Wild Dynasty, you’ll find her next-level knowledge of systems + tech, and lightning speed problem-solving when you take a peek behind the Wild Dynasty curtain.

From initial audits to complete system setups, Ashley runs the Wild Systems at Wild Dynasty with ease, fun and serious commitment to efficiency.
As she brings the best game of Operations to the grid, Ashley also offers Wild Dynasty clients the opportunity to work with her to create the practical magic setup behind their wild ideas in order to beautifully fold them into our known world.
She’s absolutely brilliant at reading the pulse of a business and knowing where the pipes are blocked, plus the exact tweak needed to get the current flowing nicely again.
With her dark sense of humor coupled with a deep commitment to the field, Ashley is truly the Magical #2 at Wild Dynasty.

Adeline Lopez


Wild Mythmaker at Wild Dynasty

Adeline Lopez brings the myth to Wild Dynasty with her magical eye for synchronicity and ability to spin a tale of mystery for any brand she works with.

She can do what no branding expert does: bring through the story and Grimoire of a Dark/Diamond business from code to content, landing it on the grid for the world to enjoy in its purest form.

Adeline not only aids the expression of the Wild Dynasty brand, but also works with Wild Dynasty clients to create their very own myth of magic and build a Grimoire plus practical tools that they can use for their very own business and finally stand individuated from the crowd.

If you’re looking to sprinkle some potent, serious magic onto your business and transform it into the stuff of fairytales – Adeline is the one to call.