A three-part luxuriously disruptive series on time, money & sales.

There is a very specific art to collapsing space time around sales and cash.

To learn exactly how to do this, you first need to know about how time codes and money codes operate when we leave the Mirror World and enter the realm of Magic.

Even the most brilliant energetic sales teachings today revolve on getting the prospect to reflect. Reflect on their shadow. On their dream. On what they’re losing out on. On blah blah blah.

While this closes sales, it misses one very important piece of magic:


Activation is disruptive as fuck.

Sometimes it’s an elixir of pure silence.
Sometimes it’s just a look.
Sometimes it’s a coded word.
Sometimes it’s a full blown conversation.

When crafted precisely, it flips their sight to see what was hidden, and opens a portal for them to enter the depths of their bones so they can find the Truth. The Truth of who they really are.

This goes beyond objection-handling.

It’s Code Mastery.

3 x 60-minute masterclasses covering Time codes, Money & Luxury and Disruptive sales.
October 5th, 6th, 7th

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