Wild Spine Activation

Build Your Diamond Spine

A Wild Spine activation is a powerful 8-part activation series that works on each section of the spinal vertebrae at a time.

The spine is your imperial ground. It’s how you stand, and where your genius standards reside.

Each activation will alchemize shadow, past life contracts, and distortion that lives in the spinal column, and begin to upgrade and install the new codes. The grid will be re-aligned while the codes will be upgraded to a diamond frequency.

This will slowly build into a diamond-crystal matrix around the spine that becomes the gateway to the your very own realm in the cosmos, initiating you into their new home (body).

I'm Ready.

These spine activations are performed by Ashley Summers, Wild Mage & COO of Wild Dynasty. This package also includes a slack chat channel with Ashley to keep in touch about sessions and experiences.

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